It was so much fun working with Andrea and we've had some great success at having her images shared for a very special reason.


I hate writing blog posts. I always struggle with things to say about the session, even if I have a lot to say; getting the words out is difficult. So to make these posts a little more robust and bring in other voices, I'm starting a Q&A with the moms.

This beautiful mama is the administrator of our local moms group, and Laurel and I could think of no one more deserving of a little pampering for all she does for others.

In the spring of last year, our local moms group had an auction to benefit a single mother needing to be treated for cancer.  Dawn bid on our auction of the photosession and was the winning bidder. 

A long-awaited-for new addition for Rachel and her family, and I was so excited to be a part of this time.